BrainStorm Clouds

My first thought for ideas for blogs were for basically science in the medical field. This would cover certain new found illnesses, newly concocted medications, and new case studies that help progress in this field. The reason as to why I think this would be a nice selection for a blog is because it seems like in the career world today; there are many opportunities that fall within the medical field, so I figure why not blog about something that people will want to read about due to its popularity. My second idea for my personal blog is just a blog all about science; more based around at home science experiments and unknown science facts. I strongly want to make this my theme for my blog simply because I love science as a subject at large. There are also plenty of cool and fun things you can do at home with simple tools and random facts are always fun to know. Also, with this kind of freedom to blog about any certain branch of science, even medical due to the fact the science is a rather broad topic to post about. In addition people find great pleasure in the science field as I mentioned before due to all of the career opportunities available. This makes the subject even more readable. My next idea for my blog would be new upcoming music artists. The general public in these past years focus more on music, due to the technology and the more abundant opportunities to hear artists’ music. So not only will this be a gateway for people to hear new music but it also gives new upcoming artists a chance to be heard. It’s a win-win situation. Not only that, but I do love music, and writing about it for my blog wouldn’t be tough at all. I would also leave a general question for this certain theme for my followers that would be: “What’s the new genre that will represent this upcoming year?” followers would be able to give insight based off posts I choose to publish and also based off of personal research. This blog idea certainly offers a lot of wiggle room when it comes down to creating blog posts as well, just like my earlier since blog idea. There are so many options, now I just have to choose!


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