Review of the post: “Children and Technology”

After reading this blog post I felt extremely nostalgic. Granted I am still only seventeen, I did abide by certain rules that most technology-free kids followed. My mother always let me stay out until sunset. By the time it was twilight out, she would order me to come home. And she wouldn’t even have to leave the house, she have to shout out the door because I’d be over in the neighbor’s yard playing. Times were much simpler as opposed to now due to the technologic advances. I know that kids younger than me are going to be more far advanced than me when it comes to new-age technology further on in years. I have a nine year old brother that has a DS, Wii, touchscreen computer and a t.v. all at his fingertips in his room. However, this fact didn’t really impact me until Danielle stated that her youngest asked her what buttons were. I feel like Danielle really made a strong point in this post. It reveals how fast the technology is improving through the years and how big the gaps are going to be between these generations. The real question is what will really happen once these gaps are fully opened? Will society drift apart or will we be more in-tune with one another? This links back to the article read in my English 100 class, about the technologic immigrants and the natives. Kids that are in grade school now are the natives when it comes to understanding technology. Their brains are being freshly wired to understand how computers and certain devices work, where on the other hand, people like Danielle and I are used to only a color t.v., a ball and the outside. We had harder times understanding certain technology because we aren’t born to it like kids these days. Then this also sparks more questions like, if kids these days don’t even know what buttons are, then what new technology is going to come out next so that they can’t remember what a touchscreen is? Further advancements in technology have led to fascinations such as cloning. The next big fantasy that is yet to become reality is the tube transport Futurama. These tubes will be designed to shoot up to speeds at 400 mph and be able to travel from New York to L.A. in 45 minutes or from Beijing to New York in 2 hours. With no doubt would this be able to become a reality seeing as cloning came first. The larger picture is, however, how are kids going to be acting in the upcoming ages of new technology? With these tubes, young children won’t be able to experience a road trip first hand. They won’t be able to do all the sight-seeing on the way to the destination. All the pit stop along the way and random hotel nights is the first half to an adventure. And with these tubes, kids are deprived of the sense of the journey and exploring beyond their city limits when traveling. All these certain aspects of a child make up childhood, and kids are certainly being deprived of their childhood in that sense. Technology is growing too fast.


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