Build Your Own Hover Craft

Here’s a cool experiment that adopts the futuristic idea of a hover craft and makes it so it’s easy to manipulate at home! It’s a simple construction that all ages can enjoy. Here’s what you’ll need:
• 9” balloon
• Pin
• Tape
• Hot Glue
• Pop-top cap from a water bottle

1. Tape the center hole of the CD/DVD. Then carefully poke 6 or so holes using the pin through the tape.
2. Carefully hot glue the bottom of the pop-top cap onto the center of the CD/DVD over the poked holes. Make sure it’s sealed tight so no air will be able to escape. Also, make sure the pop top cap is closed.
3. Blow up the balloon and pinch it so you can pull it over the top of the pop-top cap.
4. Pull the cap up and watch your creation hover!

This experiment mocks the idea of a hover craft when in reality the idea becoming real is right around the bend. As mentioned in my last post, the technology is rapidly increasing. And far-fetched ideas are becoming reality every day. But ideas all begin somewhere! And this is hover craft experiment is the beginning of the new age technology.
Happy hovering!


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