The Water Cycle

This post this week will be a little insight on the water cycle of our earth. This topic is very plain and simple and extremely easy to follow!

The water cycle is a never ending flow, so a good place to being is when it rains. When it is raining, the water is falling to the earth, or precipitating, and the water is then absorbed into the earth’s crust.


The second step is the water slowly moving through the earth’s crust, following the topography (the terrain) of the crust, and flows out eventually to the ocean.


The final step in the cycle is when the water evaporates in the atmosphere and is slowly formed in to clouds. This is referred to as condensation. Once the water droplets are combined too much where they’re too heavy to be held by the updraft of the cloud, it then begins to rain.


This is a very basic idea that actually has many branches when it comes to where water travels to throughout the earth. This picture is to represent all other happenings of the water cycle.



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